Deena's Story - Fast and Intense with Failed Meds

This birth stories blog was created to empower and help women heal through story telling. 

Trigger warning: This birth story contains details of induced labour, an episiotomy and use of forceps. 


I was induced at 39+3 as babies head was measuring big and wanted to give myself the best chance of a natural delivery. My obstetrician agreed if I didn’t go into labour naturally then induction will work fine.

My induction commenced at 1am on the 13th of January. I had an epidural at 5am and had 40 minutes of pure bliss with zero pain. After that, it all changed as the midwives realised my epidural had dislodged. My waters were popped at 7am and within 1 hour I had dilated from 3cm to 8cm so there was no time for another epidural. As I was labouring too quickly, all medication failed. My obstetrician returned at 10:30am and immediately called the midwives and they prepared the room for my baby’s arrival. I pushed for 10 minutes but my baby’s heart rate was slowing and wouldn’t recover as quick so my doctor made the decision to use forceps. With the help of forceps and an episiotomy (ouch, very unpleasant) my beautiful boy was born at 11:06am on the 13 January 2020.

Unfortunately, I had upset the nerves in my bladder and it resulted in me having a catheter for four weeks post birth until they recovered and began working again. It was the hardest and most painful thing I’ve endured in my life. Once I had my catheter removed, I was finally able to bond with my baby and he changed my life. I would do it 100 times over (catheter and all) just to see him smile at me the way he does.

Pain management

I think having my husband and my mum hold my hand as I squeezed so hard through the contractions really helped. I didn’t have a birth plan as I wanted to go with the flow.

Reflection of birth

Next time I probably would try go into labour on my own if baby is measuring at a good size and not with a big head haha – induction pain is supposed to be more intense and painful, and I laboured back to back which also didn’t help! I hope next time to labour in the bath or using a gym ball rather than laying on my back in the bed as he was back to back on my spine. I definitely won’t bother with the epidural because I don’t want to have a catheter inserted to begin with, just in case it interferes with my bladder and it stops working again!