Who are we?

Hi, together we are the women behind Eve!

Our names are Tanella, Iman and Mahira. Three mamas, who want to support fellow mamas on this wonderful rollercoaster of motherhood. We are an Adelaide based gift bundle business and we deliver Australia wide.

Tanella is a mum of a cheeky toddler, has a law degree and works full time, but is currently on maternity leave. She loves routine, coffee dates with friends and traveling – Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkey are some of the countries that she has crossed off her list. When her daughter is finally asleep, she usually catches up on her favourite tv shows – Law and Order SVU is number 1!

Iman, mama of three cheeky monkeys under 5, is the ultimate mum on the go!  You will always catch her with her hands full plus a baby strapped to her chest. She loves nature and adventure and enjoys going for a coffee on Sundays where she can have time to fill her cup. She also has a few other children in her household, but they require less maintenance – her plants!

Mahira is a full-time working mama with a beautiful five-year-old girl (who may be the mature one in the duo at times). She loves poetry, fashion, ice cream and starting too many projects!

Each mum approaches motherhood differently and each one struggles with different parts but they all embrace each other completely!

So what do we aim to do exactly?

We strive to provide mamas with high quality gift bundles to nourish and nurture them throughout their journey of motherhood. While flowers are a beautiful gift for mums and mums to be, we aim to provide  gift bundles which make mums feel good, as well as contributes to their overall health and wellbeing.

How and why ‘Eve’ was created:

As mothers, we’ve been there. We know that sometimes wrapped up in the excitement of a new baby, mothers can be often overlooked. Pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood is beautiful but can come with its challenges. It is easy to forget to nourish and take care of yourself when you are looking after other little (sometimes big) humans! This is why here at Eve we have created care bundles to be gifted specially to the mother during her pregnancy and postpartum period.

The idea behind Eve began when Iman was pregnant with her third baby. Tanella, who had her first baby only a few months earlier, had recently undergone the struggles of post-partum healing. Thankfully, she already had a village of mums supporting her and giving her the down-low of important items for healing and nourishment. As a gift, she created a box filled with products she felt were essential during her labour and the post-partum period, and gave it to Iman to support her. Iman felt the products were really helpful and made a significant difference in her recovery compared to her other postpartum experiences.

With this, Eve was born.

Mahira was brought on board as she is our business savvy friend and once she heard about the idea, she was keen to collaborate to help support mothers.

Now, we want to create a village for all mums to feel safe, nourished and supported throughout their journey.

Thank you for supporting us!

With love,

Tanella, Iman and Mahira xx